Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Glamour", John Bonanno, 1999, 4" X 6", acrylic on card paper, $150

Some Simple Suggestions to Instantly Reform Government

If I were in a position to issue the ukaz (указ, any proclamation of the tsar in imperial Russia had the force of law) these would be my first:

1. Henceforth, all representatives to Congress will be chosen by lot.

Candidates would have to apply. Only adult citizens may apply. Convicted felons may not apply.
I am certain we would end up with a more honest and representative Congress.

2. The Size of Congress shall be increased to 7,000 members.

A large Congress would ensure a costly effort to buy it; and it would be impossible to keep such a project secret. Punishment would be harsh if discovered. (See ukaz 6) And each congressman would represent less than 50,000 people. I would entertain the notion of more, not fewer representatives than this. But in no way shall a congressman represent more than 50,000 people.

3. The Term of a Representative to Congress shall be increased to four years.

It takes a while to learn a job.

4. Half of the standing members of Congress shall be chosen by lot to remain in Congress at the end of each term.

No representative should be assured of tenure. But, institutional memory is a good thing. And, new blood is a good thing. We shall have half and half. With this many representatives a few lucky ones may remain a long time.

5. Congress must abolish an old law before a new law may be passed. All old laws shall be reviewed by a committee of all the new Representatives at the beginning of each term who shall produce a list of at least a hundred laws to be presented to Congress for a vote on abolition.

This, my most brilliant innovation will eventually limit the great waste of human talent that goes into lawyering.

6. Corruption of a Member of Congress shall be punishable by death to all guilty parties involved.

7. Only legal residents of the district of a member of Congress shall be allowed to lobby that member.

Violation is evidence of corruption. See ukaz 6.

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