Monday, November 30, 2009

Ronaldo and Paris who said, it was said, that he was "too gay" for her after, it was said, he rejected her.

It seems wizards all over the world have been taking up the cause of Ronaldo to fight the curse of Pepe. Never underestimate the power of futbol and the love for sports in all walks of life, including those who practice the esoteric arts. We found the following story from 23 October on ESPN Soccernet Global:

"A few weeks backs we reported that a voodoo priest named Pepe had been hired to use his black-magic to injure £80 million Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo, who is now sidelined for a month with an ankle injury, and the crocked forward has now become the centre of a magical war. A Portuguese wizard, named Fernando Nogueira, had a crack at healing his countryman last week but with Ronaldo still sidelined it seems he failed to dispel the magic of Pepe, who has since responded to Nogueira's challenge by saying he will cast a spell that will end the World Player of the Year's career.
But all is not lost for our hero as a group of Peruvian Shamans decided to ride to Ronaldo's rescue and gathered outside the Spanish Embassy in Lima this week to perform a cleansing ritual, involving a bizarre combination of swords and maracas, to lift the curse.Goodness knows if any of it worked but following a clinical examination and MRI scan Real Madrid's medical report revealed that "the minimum estimated [recovery] time is three to four weeks"."
-Dominic Raynor

Meanwhile here is an interesting quote from Pepe speaking to El Mundo in September:

"I'm not antimadridista. I have nothing against this great club.... I am a professional and someone has paid very well for me using my powers. I have been hired to make Cristiano Ronaldo suffer a serious injury."

This is the public admission of a fool.

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