Sunday, December 27, 2009

emblem from,
Devises et emblemes anciennes & modernes, tirées des plus celebres auteurs, oder, Emblematische Gemüths-Vergnügung : bey Betrachtung siben hundert und funffzehen der curieusesten und ergötzlichen Sinn-Bildern, mit ihren zuständigen teutsch-lateinisch-französisch- und italianischen Beyschrifften.

"Each and every man therefore that will be a Magician must explore the Universe for himself. This is pre-eminently the case in the matter of the Astral Plane, because the symbols are so sensitive. Nothing is easier than to suggest visions or to fashion phantasms to suit one's ideas. It is obviously impossible to communicate with an independent intelligence -the one real object of astral research- if one allows one's imagination to surround one with courtiers of one's own creation."-Aleister Crowley, Notes for an Astral Atlas, Appendix III, Magick, Book Four, Liber ABA

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