Monday, January 11, 2010

"A preacher in the northern Uganda district of Lira has confessed to 70 ritual killings, including his son.
Polino Angela, 50, formerly a witch-doctor based in Lira, said he was initiated into ritual murders in Kenya at a ceremony in which a 13-year-old boy was killed and his blood sprinkled on his (Angela’s) body. After this ritual, Angela was ordered by the healers to sacrifice his 10-year old boy, whom he killed.
“I deceived my wife and made sure that everyone else had gone away and I was with my child alone. Once he was placed down on the ground, I used a big knife and brought it down like a guillotine,” Angela told BBC journalists who were recently in Uganda to do a documentary on child sacrifice. The documentary was aired last Thursday.
Although he didn’t highlight where most of his 70 victims were got from, he said he has since abandoned the practice which majorly targeted vulnerable children.
“I want to be very open and sincere for the first time that there is nothing good about witchcraft. I practised as a witch doctor for 22 years, after I was immersed in blood. This, I was told, could help me speak many languages with the clients. I was instructed that on reaching home, I should pick my child, place him along the door way and on passing him, kill him,” he said.
“After this incident, I lost mercy for any one’s child, I never felt sorrow at any one moment for the sacrifice I made,” he added. Polino says he has since abandoned witchcraft and taken to serving God."- HARUNA P. MAWA, The Observer, Uganda "Preacher Confesses To Killing 70 People" (The Rest is Here)

I'll have something to write about this later. It's time to go to work. But I will say that it is strange that at a time when Uganda has recently instituted the death penalty for homosexuality, this murderous preacher still seems to be moving about freely while child sacrifice is on the rise in that country.
Later that evening.....
Well I'm home. This morning I had a flat tire in the morbid cold. I attempted to fix it with a can of flat-fixing goo. It didn't work. Then I tried to change the tire. I couldn't get my nuts loose. Then I called Triple Ay. The arrived out here in an hour and the gentleman had a difficult time removing the nuts from the wheel bolts even with his portable electric power wrench. I finally got to work 2 1/2 hours late riding on the donut spare. I had to wait for a truck since they sent someone else out with mine. My route was cased up for me but there were errors, let us say. Monday mail on a business route is usually problematic anyway. I got a call from the handy tire shop across the street from the post office; I needed a new set of tires to pass inspection next time and an all around alignment. In a daze I said yes, but make them the cheapest tires you've got, I said. When I got home I looked at the bill for delivery of 211 gallons of heating oil. I saw federal reserve notes flying out the window with bat wings. I'm not in the mood for discussing human sacrifice right now.

Update: January 25, 2010
I'm working out something on human sacrifice. I haven't forgotten. People seem to be interested in hot fresh blood.

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