Sunday, March 07, 2010

Little Johnny And His Displeasing Doll Minions 
Dominic Bonanno photo, probably using an old Argus camera with a bulb flash attachment that made a scary popping noise and blinded the innocent subject which here is no doubt contributing to my displeasure. 

 Sound and Fury

Am I making a Masonic Sign with my right hand? Could be. 

Anyway, let's collect a few ideas and notes that have accumulated over the last few weeks. 

Capitalism ensures that Labor  must compete for jobs while doing every thing it can to exempt itself from competition, including using government.
Capitalism proclaims the cult of the family while at the same time ushering in the era of effectively doubling the work force by inveigling women to join in, thus cheapening the cost of labor and decreasing the number of jobs that pay enough to support a family. 
The masses are trained by the agents of the corporate state to blame illegal immigrants for their problems. No political party does anything about illegal immigrants because the corporations who own the politicians desire the benefits of the cheap undocumented uncomplaining labor provided by them. 
The masses are trained to believe that Unions are corrupt. In many cases the Unions are corrupt so Politicians act to control the activities and the finances of Unions far more than they dare to control Corporations. Sanctions against Unions are far more restrictive than those put in place against rogue Corporations. Unions convicted of violations are actually run by the government. Laws favor the Corporations in their War to keep Unions away from their Workers.  Hard fought Labor benefits begin to disappear.
The corporations expand the economy parasitizing the workers. Non work days are abolished citing the need to eliminate old fashioned blue laws. Sunday becomes Consumer Day. 
Cultural activities are eliminated and replaced by the pastime of  Shopping which is exalted by the mind control of the Media. The oxymoron  Consumer Culture is not questioned and is raised up as the answer to all problems. 

Natural Selection is not necessarily "survival of the fittest" at least as it is commonly believed. It may be survival of the best. The vicious and bloodthirsty among us are selected out in many ways. The patricians who ruled the Roman Republic essentially  wiped each other out clearing the way for others. The process of Evolution may not be directed by "Natural Selection" in the sense of a mindless unknowing process. Evolution is more directed by Selection.  Individuals choose mates. Individual creatures often choose to survive, especially once intelligence becomes the premier mode of survival in a species and the state of self awareness is attained.  Ironically these choices are often performed on an Unconscious Level. 

The "Red River of Death" referred to in Liber X is menstrual blood. 

If the Universe is designed by a Creator there should be hints, subtle and hidden, in it about that Creator. 
Or maybe Not. But it is a reasonable assumption that we may stumble upon these "Easter Eggs" which are artifacts of the Creator's Ego, similar to those left in Video Games and Movie Discs. The Creation of the Video Game is indeed a similar activity as the Creation of an Universe. 
As an Alfred Hitchcock may always be seen in a walk through in his films, so may the Creator do the same. However, it is a jarring bit of metaperformance to experience a Quentin Tarantino in one of his films taking a substantial role in the acting. I doubt the Creator would do the same. But we get to see the credits and read reviews of movies. We get no such information in this World about this World. And that is Intentional. 
Here is a hint about the movers and shakers of this World: the most well developed characters, the most effectual and the most significant in any performance are the most scripted and directed. 

We have as much chance of success in describing existence as a fly licking the juice dripping on a pan from a Roast has of explaining the preparations for the Wedding for which that Roast is the main course. Nor will the fly be able to take part in the conversation of the Guests at the Wedding though he may be the subject of it for a time. 

A validation of Magick is the existence of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principal which indicates that the Observer affects the Observed, and vice versa,  although often to the corruption of both.

Why There Will Be No War One Day
Any activity that results in the elimination and destruction of the participants is destined to disappear, one way or the other.
War is a ritual that humans have perfected to gradually eliminate aggressive and violent genetic traits which were required for the original exaltation of Man. War, ironically, pacifies.

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