Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Boston Liverpool Axis
Now that New England Sports Ventures has completed a very problematic purchase of the Liverpool Football Club let us fervently hope that the highest expectations of that ancient team's fans are fulfilled. Some followers of the Boston Red Sox are concerned that money will be diverted to this enterprise from their beloved franchise. I am of the opinion that a successful football operation in Liverpool will only increase the fortunes of the Boston Red Sox. John Henry is no fool. I suspect the recent spike in commodity prices has only benefited him in his base business and that is source of the cash for this purchase. As a Boston native I am curiously interested now in the fortunes of Liverpool. I suspect we will be enjoying regular presentations of LFC on the New England Sports Network. Red Sox fans should ignore the few soccer-hating cretins in their midst to band together and welcome Liverpool's supporters to an organization dedicated to mutual success.
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