Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Persons I Would Like To Meet

The first man or woman who climbed upon a horse with the intention to ride.
The first person who gazed at a snowcapped mountain in wonder and successfully climbed to the top.
The guy or gal who made that possible by figuring out that one could skin the hide and fur off an animal and fashion clothing so as to wear it.
The first one to string a bow, cut and arrow and use them to kill for food.
The first person to flake a stone tool.
The genius who first could repeat the miracle of making fire.
The first person to draw a representative and recognizable form on a surface.
Whoever first plunged deeply into the ocean to retrieve a sponge or oysters for food or pearls.
The first man who ate an oyster... and mushrooms.
The first guy who got in his boat and purposely sailed beyond the sight of land.
The one who figured out how to smelt metals.
The first person to measure something.

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