Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Town of Kesennuma, Miyagi prefecture, an insane landscape that needs to be cleaned up. 
Wednesday Morning EDT/ Wednesday Evening Japan Time Earthquake Update

23,000 human beings are now reported dead or missing.

Tokyo tap water is testing twice the safe limit of radioactive iodine 131  for infant consumption.
Authorities insisted there was no immediate danger to drink the water unless the drinker was under one year old.
Meanwhile the United States is banning the import of food from the four prefectures surrounding the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plants.
Korea is in the process of banning the import of all Japanese food. (Better safe than sorry.)
Excess radiation has been detected in eleven kinds of vegetables, milk and water from the area.
News of contamination of seawater (127 times the safe level one can consume in a year) has caused  plummeting fish prices in Tokyo.
Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano has requested Tokyo residents not to panic and hoard bottled water.
Not long after Mr. Edano's request, Tokyo stores ran out of bottled water.
He has expressed hope that other countries would not over-react to the situation.
"We will explain to countries the facts and we hope they will take logical measures based on them." he said.
I have suspended the purchase of my favorite Japanese tamari.
Dozens of elderly persons have been reported dying in shelters.

Rapid transit.
Public service.
I'm standing in my line.
Melt down.
I'm standing in my line
Hang ten pipeline, let's go trippin'
Hang ten pipeline, let's go trippin'
Hang ten pipeline, let's go trippin'
Every wave is new until it breaks.
-Neil Young, "Rapid Transit"

Reactor events.
Black smoke spewed from reactor 3 today forcing authorities to order an evacuation of workers attempting to repair all the things that are broken at the site and threaten to release greater quantities of radioactive substances than are already being released. I can find no reports of radiation levels inside the reactor buildings. Readings outside the buildings seem to be selective and I cannot find any constant real time updates of these levels.
Here one can see some real time readings of radiation in Japan but nothing from the Fukushima site itself. 
Reactor 1 Temperature above 400 C forced workers to pump more seawater and boron into the core. Controls and pumps are more damaged than previously thought. 
Reactor 2 Controls and pumps are damaged. Seawater and boron being pumped into core. 
Reactor 3 Black smoke today. Workers evacuated. No radiation levels have been released. This reactor uses plutonium fuel. Spent fuel pond still a concern. 
Reactor 4 No fuel is reported in the reactor as it was down for maintenance. However the building blew up from hydrogen gas and the spent fuel pool has been a great concern. Water must be constantly pumped into the pool because of leaks and high temperature of the exposed spent fuel rods. It has been admitted that far too many spent fuel rods are on site. 
Reactors 5 and 6 were shut down and power is restored to the operating cooling systems. Holes have been drilled in the roofs to release dangerous hydrogen gas that my collect in the buildings.

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