Saturday, April 09, 2011

Bunker, Peaks Island, April 8, 2011, John Bonanno photograph

And Quotes

"I would like to apologise from my heart over the worries and troubles we are causing for society due to the release of radiological materials into the atmosphere and sea water. We caused worry and trouble for having made this decision without taking sufficient time to explain the matter beforehand to those involved, to the press, to the fishing industry and to people overseas, and we are sorry for this." Sakae Muto, a TEPCO vice president today.

"For the disaster-struck areas to recover their vitality, the entire Japanese economy needs to be vibrant. I would like to see a limit to extreme self-restraint."-Yoshihiro Murai, the governor of Miyagi Prefecture

Here Comes The Putzmeister!
A Russian Antonov cargo plane loads a Putzmeister concrete/water pump at Atlanta today for transportation to its last job at Fukushima Daiishi. 
"Like others all over the world, our thoughts have been on helping the people of Japan. Fortunately, we have a piece of equipment that's working to help cool the reactors, so we're moving fast to get additional pumps to Japan."-Dave Adams, chief executive, Putzmeister America

The leader of Japan's largest crime syndicate, Kenichi Shinoda, 69, was released from jail today after serving a five year sentence for illegal gun possession. He had previously done time for killing another Yakuza with a samurai sword.

Radiation levels at Fukushima Daiishi continue to be kept quite secret.

Large areas of northeast Japan continue to lack electrical power after Friday's strong aftershock.

The Moment Of The Tsunami At Fukushima Daiishi

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