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Artie Schopenhauer
If I ever get the financing
for my Schopy script I'm casting Ed Harris.
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Saturday Morning EDT/
Saturday Evening Japan Time
Voici! La tour est frappé par la foudre.
Il s'effondre vers le destin inévitable.


Presented today with the words of  
Arthur Schopenhauer, 19th Century German Philosopher
b. 22 February 1788 in Danzig 
d. 21 September 1860 in Frankfurt

He postulates that the world makes no sense.  
He was a favorite of the Romantics.
In his dissertation, 'The Fourfold Root of the Principle of Sufficient Reason'
He says that different classes of things needed to be explained in different ways. 
He also suspects that metaphysical things cannot be properly explained by man since man's sensory apparatus is strictly limited. 
This observation is the basis of his criticisms of Hegel, among others, for having a flawed ontology (study of the nature of what is) by making assumptions about God's existence.  
Crowley would call this error the curse of because. 
Schopenhauer's insights on Will can be especially instructive, I believe, for my Thelemite friends.
"Will" is the ruling force of the universe; 
However "Will" is irrational and stupid, more id than superego or even ego.
Schopenhauer's philosophy finds the whole universe 
Driven by mad reflex movements 
Akin to the activities of  selfish scrambling menacing archons as described by the gnostics.
Yet this activity has no self knowledge at all.  
Arthur had woman problems during his life. 
He held his mother in contempt. 
At the age of 31 he got a woman pregnant. 
The baby  died. 
Later he lost a judgement for pushing down a screaming woman who refused to leave his doorstep. 
He had to pay her off for twenty years, 
Until she died. 
He wrote "Obit anus, abit onus" on her death certificate. 
He always kept two  poodles, 
Always naming them Atman and Butz. 
He hoped that the insanity of the universe could be escaped 
Via a kind of oriental transcendentalism and a repression of worldly desires. 

"The deep pain that is felt at the death of every friendly soul arises from the feeling that there is in every individual something which is inexpressible, peculiar to him alone, and is, therefore, absolutely and irretrievably lost."

Today Takashi Sawada, the deputy director of the Japan Atomic Energy Society optimistically said the Fukushima Daiichi crisis will take another two to three months to resolve. However TEPCO admits that it still doesn't even have a plan to solve the myriad problems they are facing at the destroyed complex.
The Death Toll from the earthquake and tsunami is officially over 13,000. Over 14,000 are missing. 
There are no estimates yet on the number expected to die from radiation, yet we can expect that any number but their own will be disputed by the industry. The effects of small dose radiation are not manifest for many years and can be attributed to anything else by nuclear apologists.

"My guiding star in all seriousness has been truth. Following it, I could first aspire only to my own approval, entirely averted from an age that has sunk low as regards all higher intellectual efforts, and from a national literature demoralised but for the exceptions, a literature in which the art of combining lofty words with low sentiments has reached its zenith."

TEPCO is selling real estate assets to pay for their damages arising from Fukushima Daiishi. The Japanese Government is mulling ways to "save" TEPCO by setting up an insurance fund.

"Unlike man, animals, so to speak, live without knowing death. The individual animal enjoys fully the immutability of its gender, being conscious of itself only as an immortal being." 

For those of you concerned about radiation levels and maybe do not trust the authorities to tell you the truth about such things here is a neat prototype geiger counter  ad-on for your iphone.  Knowledge is power. Yet having knowledge of invisible death, while, at the same time, knowing nothing can be done about it, is a recipe for despair. 

"First remove murder from the world, and then capital punishment ought to follow."
“Damage by perception. Let’s fight against it.”- a poster in Sakuna, a restaurant in a government ministry.
Japanese politicians are publicly eating vegetables and fruits from Fukushima prefecture in an attempt to buck up the population.

"Pride is generally censured and decried, but mainly by those who have nothing to be proud of."

It is not a good time to buy a Japanese automobile or repair one you already may have. Factories in Japan are operating at reduced capacity and many models are in short supply. Whatever models available are being sold at top dollar. Repair parts are scarce including parts for All-American models like the Cadillac which use many Japanese parts.

"Marrying means, to grasp blindfolded into a sack hoping to find out an eel out of an assembly of snakes."

Mort au milieu de tout plaisir mondain,
Sus bouleronde, semble tres-fort dormir:
Mais son reveil est mobile & soudain,
Dont faut-il estre toujours prest de mourir.

Death in the middle of worldly pleasure,
Upon the round ball comes the strongest semblance of sleep:
But his wake up call is sudden and jolting,
For isn't it necessary to be always ready to die. 

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