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Died on the 24th September, 1541, at Salzburg.

"Thoughts give birth to a creative force that is neither elemental nor sidereal. Thoughts create a new heaven, a new firmament, a new source of energy, from which new arts flow. When a man undertakes to create something, he establishes a new heaven."

Japan's cavalier approach to its nuclear crisis has forced one government official to give up his post. Bloomberg reports that Japan's Prime Minister Naoto Kan accepted the resignation of  a nuclear advisor today.

The government accepted the resignation of Toshiso Kosako, a professor at the University of Tokyo, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said at a press conference in the capital today. The adviser disagreed with the maximum annual radiation exposure allowed in elementary schools, Edano said, adding there was a “misunderstanding.”...
Kosako resigned in protest against the government’s “impromptu” handling of the crisis and delays in bringing the situation under control, Kyodo News reported, citing comments made by the adviser at a press conference yesterday. Kosako disagreed with the maximum annual radiation exposure of 20 millisieverts allowed by the government in elementary schools, according to Edano.
“We’re not saying it’s OK for children to get exposed up to 20 millisieverts,” he said. “We’re trying to reduce children’s radiation exposure as much as possible. Our plan would be much lower than 20 millisieverts a year.”

It was only a misunderstanding. Ignoring laws and prolonging the crisis is a "misunderstanding." What I do not understand is why the Japanese government has been so stingy with information on radiation emanating from the wreck at Fukushima Daiichi. What I do not understand is why the government of Japan has not frog-walked TEPCO executives to jail for falsifying information and ignoring safety rules. But I suppose their reasons are the same reasons no Wall Street crooks have been arrested here in the United States. Governments are now wholly owned subsidiaries of the corporations. Our politicians have no sympathy or empathy with the people, they only obey their Masters in the hidden mansions and  board rooms of the world. 

"The human body is vapor materialized by sunshine mixed with the life of the stars."

The Mainichi Daily News reports that a member of a panel advising the government on earthquake reconstruction plans does not want Fukushima prefect to continue to produce nuclear power. 

"I want Fukushima to make the decision to abandon nuclear power, independent from government policy discussion," the 57-year-old panel member, Norio Akasaka, told the Mainichi.

Watch your back, Norio.

Bloomberg reported this week that radiation readings inside the reactors are the highest yet. I suppose that means radiation escaping the reactors must be pretty pretty high. But it is difficult to come by such information.

"It should be forbidden and severely punished to remove cancer by cutting, burning, cautery, and other fiendish tortures. It is from nature that the disease comes, and from nature comes the cure, not from physicians."

The New York Times tells us that old nuclear plants are "cash cows" because they can be bought much more cheaply than new ones can be built. I might ad that these buyers of nukes have no liability for damages they inflict on the people or the planet since the government has hoodwinked the people into indemnifying these dangerous monstrosities for free. Let's start sending insurance bills to the nuclear industry based on real potential for damage, death and loss. Or, the people could simply stop indemnifying any nuclear plant, or at least those operating after their posted lifespans. The market for old nuclear plants will then collapse.
Meanwhile, there is no investor sentiment to invest in new nuclear plants. Only the United States government seems enthusiastic about pouring billions of dollars it does not have into the nuclear industry for construction. Someone ask our President at his next press conference about this. Please. 

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'Thou art leaping about in thy garden and art well pleased with thyself; but giving up thy wisdom and following thy pleasure thou makest bad use of thy leapings. Therefore shall it happen to thee even as thou art lying there, and those that should be thy peace will hunt thee and force thee to leap high. But take thought with thyself and consider that human things are vain. Then wouldst thou become altogether changed and wouldest be safe from the misfortune into which thou doest daily walk. Bethink thyself that pride and ill-manners never ended well.'-The Nineteenth Figure of the Prophecies of Paracelsus

Euthanization of animals starving and neglected in the Fukushima Exclusion Zone has begun.

The 16th Figure
'A child that goes to school and learns, when it arrives at years of discretion is ashamed of its childish work and destroys it. Thus shall it also happen to thee. As thou writest in such a manner thine own work shall be nought. For which reason there will be much labour for nought and in vain. For the time teacheth and giveth knowledge that not every pearl is a true pearl that is alleged so to be. Therefore a hand shall fall upon thee that will tear thee to shreds.'-The Sixteenth Figure of the Prophecies of Paracelsus

Two senior Japanese officials stated that four of the six reactors at Fukushima Daiichi  have a chance of further catastrophic events and are remain volatile. 

The 2nd Figure
'A flower groweth to the destined height. He that causeth her to grow also causeth her to fade. This happens to thee, for Magic hath therewith adorned thee, that thy coming up should be known, and also how thou has come to nought. For before thou wast, Magic hath known thee and therefore compared thee to a flower, that to-day is in bloom and to-morrow is withered. Wisdom and Fear of God would have preserved thee, but thou has overlooked it, thine own wisdom hath seduced thee.'-The Second Figure of the Prophecies of Paracelsus

Information about the spread of radioactivity in Japan is being suppressed. 

The chief of the Meteorological Society of Japan has drawn flak from within the academic society over a request for member specialists to refrain from releasing forecasts on the spread of radioactive substances from the troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.
In the request posted March 18 on the society's website, Hiroshi Niino, professor at the University of Tokyo, said such forecasts, which he says carry some uncertainty, ''could jumble up information about the government's antidisaster countermeasures unnecessarily.''.....
Niino later said in commenting on the intention he had in issuing the statement, ''If (society members') forecasts were announced, it would have carried the risk that ordinary people may panic.''

But Toshio Yamagata, another University of Tokyo professor who is a member of the society, said meteorological scientists have the responsibility to encourage the government to take the right course of action by announcing their forecasts ''especially when a country is going through a critical situation.''
''Our society has degenerated into a bureaucratic entity,'' he warned.

That says it all. 

The Japanese bureaucracy has relaxed hair cutting laws to allow barbers to cut hair in evacuation shelters instead of approved barber shops.

The 11th Figure
'Although the sun did once shine upon thee, and thou hast glutted thyself with food and plunder, and wast sitting among the honeycombs, yet thou hast not wisely considered the end, and hast forgotten the winter; therefore he taketh away thy pleasure, and will compel thee to suck thine own paws. For as thou art bear-like, and has no further reason, Magic hath driven thee into the toils that thou shouldst be known. But if the wit of man had been thine, the winter would not have overtaken thee.'- The 11th Figure of the Prophecies of Paracelsus

Back home more tornadoes have continued to kill more people (339 at last count)  and destroy more churches of those who strongly believe in Jesus and disbelieve in climate change in a part of the country run by politicians who hate the federal government but are now asking for its help. 
Reports of looting are widespread in the afflicted areas. 

'Thou hast divided duty into left and right, as if it were oppressing thee. Both sides will cause thee anxiety and hatred shall altogether overcome thee. For a harlot divideth her wantonness and for a while she hath her way, but woe to her when her deceit is discovered. Then cometh true the saying, "no love without pain." Although thou didst mightily rejoice that thou art without a head, a head shall be placed upon thee and thou shall become a limb, though thou art not accustomed to it. But against thy will shalt thou swallow and eat what is not thy natural food.'- The Fourth Figure of the Prophecies of Paracelsus

The 4th Figure


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