Sunday, June 26, 2011

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Japanese parents fume over Fukushima radiation impact | Energy & Oil | Reuters

This is a new Antoni Slodkowski Reuters story about the concern Japanese parents have about the impact of the radioactivity on their children. And, of course, the lack of action by the bought-and-paid-for Japanese government to fulfill their promises to remove radioactive topsoil from schoolyards in the affected areas.

From the story:

Local governments now need to provide reports of radiation, while most schools in Fukushima are equipped with dosimeters and teachers have to record hourly radiation readings to help create a contamination map. Anxiety over health risks associated with prolonged stay in a contaminated area is shared by mothers who did not take part in Sunday's rally.
"I just found out that a place near my house was designated a 'radiation hotspot' and now I'm seriously thinking about leaving the city," said Noriko Ouchi, mother of a 4-year-old daughter.
"We are exhausted. We have to look at every food item we eat, we only use bottled water for cooking, and on top of that every day we confront this nagging dilemma whether it's really safe for our children to stay in Fukushima or not," she said.

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