Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thoth Tarot, Adjustment

A Solution to the "Debt Crisis"
Or Gettin' rid of "Money for Nothin'"

It's only play money wished into existence by the Federal Reserve.
They don't even print it most of it up anymore. 
It's just binary code on a chip.
It is imaginary money which is implicitly attached  to the promise of labor.
I am in agreement with whose who wish to  Abolish the Fed. 
The people through their government must create the money supply themselves (without the "assistance" of intermediary banker leeches) and retain a certain percentage for their government's operating expenses. 
Hence, no overt taxes will be required to run the federal government..
All money created must be represented by a real physical thing, whether gold, silver, another valuable commodity, or only a promise on a real paper note. 
The magical creation of money as code in a computer must be ended. 
Fractional banking, the creation of invisible imaginary money by a private bank, is the devil's own spawn and must be seen as the criminal act it is. 
The fact that most money is never printed is the only thing holding back massive inflation.
Big time inflation will benefit a lot of people. 
Imagine paying back your debt at 5 cents on the dollar.
That is the banks' and the Fed's worst nightmare.
It would be our equivalent to the Biblical Jubilee.
It would set the people free. 
The bankers have grown rich using black magic long enough. 

Historical note of the day:

On this date in 1932 the United States Army attacked 20,000 veterans of World War I camped in Washington demanding from Congress their promised bonus payments.

Maxim of the Day

Interest is the vilest taxation.  
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