Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Archon, Devil Radiation, Assaults an Innocent

"I am he who received revelation from the Pleroma of Imperishability…
he who stripped himself and went about naked…."

From The (Second) Apocalypse of James


It hasn't gone away.

It's still bad and getting worse.

TEPCO announced today that their Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power facility was experiencing record high  radiation levels. 
Reading of 10 sieverts an hour have been recorded in a ventilation duct at plants 1 and 2. Such a level of radiation is lethal after only an hour's exposure. 
This is double June's previous high readings at the site since the earthquake and subsequent tsunami triggered meltdowns at the inadequately designed and fortified reactor complex.
This is bad news for the workers trying to batten down the site.

Peter Burns, former chief executive officer of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency, says given the scale of the Fukushima emergency, the high reading is to be expected.
"The levels reported of 10 sieverts per hour are very high levels and it's going to be very difficult to manage workers going into those areas and doing operations," he said.
"To put the 10 sieverts into context, that 10 sieverts is actually a lethal dose of radiation. So you can't afford to be exposed for more than a few minutes at those levels.
"It means you're directly exposed to fuel rods in the reactors or the spent fuel ponds very closely and while it's possible to get to those levels it means there is very little shielding going on there."
But, as has been reported in this space, the workers at Fukushima Daiichi already expect to die. 

Abraxas begetteth truth and lying,
good and evil, light and darkness,
in the same word and in the same act.
Wherefore is Abraxas terrible.
It is love and love’s murder.
It is the saint and his betrayer.
It is the brightest light of day
and the darkest night of madness.

–The Seven Sermons to The Dead—

Yesterday the Japanese government expanded the prohibition of the shipment of cattle from another area in the vicinity of the radiation. Iwate prefecture may now not ship cattle along with Fukushima prefecture and Miyagi prefecture. Tochigi prefecture, closer to Tokyo, may soon be added to the list.
More and more food of all kinds, vegetables, seafood and meat. Has been found on grocers shelves with unacceptable radiation levels.
More and more we know and understand that the "clean and safe" nuclear industry  lied to the world and is harming all of us. But I should not have put the verb "lie" in the past tense.
Evil never gives up.

Straight from the Pleroma, Susan Hayward as Sophia

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