Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Halloween 2011 Murders from here and there. 

"Successful and fortunate crime is called virtue." - Seneca

I have limited myself to selected murders that occurred on Halloween itself. If I include mayhem that happened at Halloween parties from the past week I would have to write a book.

Taylor Van Diest

Eighteen year old Taylor Van Diest of Pleasant Valley Secondary in British Columbia was found murdered near a railroad track according to The Province. "She loved horror movies. Halloween was her favourite holiday," said her cousin Erica.

In Manteca, California a 26 year old man, Dawson McGehee, was arrested for allegedly murdering his Mommy Monday night. After the murder he was quoted by a neighbor, "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away."
Violence documented by

One of my favorite places, The City of New Orleans celebrated the holiday in style. At least 16 people were shot and two were killed during the festivities on Halloween in this colorful town. The highlight was a gunfight on tourist-packed Bourbon street. Spectators were both horrified (the seven wounded) and entertained (the rest). Mayor Mitch Landrieu said the violence was "unnatural" but I would disagree. Angola State Prison up the road hosts over 5000 convicted murderers, of which a good portion hail from the Crescent City. The traditional and mandatory hand-wringing resumes. But I say, "Laissez les bontemps rouler!" because New Orleans is back to normal after Katrina. 

Curtis and Kasey
In Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, Curtis Wayne Edwards, 43, and Kasey O'Neal Tanner, 23 decided to 
"trick"  Joshua Luke Green, 23, at a Halloween costume party at the local VFW post. They stabbed him and he died on the way to the hospital. Both Curtis and Kasey have felony convictions on their curriculum vitae.
Ardavaz and Dorothy Delir with a photograph of their son. 
Down Under in Sydney, Australia, Eden Delir, 17 was bashed to death by two lads, 16, at a Halloween party after they were asked to leave by the deceased. The murder weapons were a bottle and a metal pole. 

I am bending the rules because there was no murder in this case but a little extra Halloween violence and attempted murder might be of interest. According to the Wilke's Journal Patriot, John Wayne Martin, 59, was spending a quiet Halloween evening in his mobile home in the Austin community of Wilke's county North Carolina when he answered a knock on the door. Two masked men cried "Trick or Treat!" then knocked him down, knocked him out, ransacked his trailer and poured accelerant everywhere.When John woke up his home was on fire and he was too. Martin is in the burn unit of Baptist Hospital. The unknown assailants got to both trick and be treated. 

"He who bears the brand of Cain shall rule the Earth." - George Bernard Shaw

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