Saturday, September 07, 2013

The Libertarian Fantasy: A Half Assed Manifesto

Unfettered free enterprise and human freedom are neither compatible nor congruent. 


The first inevitably suppresses the second.

Far more than a typical government, the corporation is the greatest threat to human freedom.
Corporations are masks donned by the powerful which allow them to be free of the responsibility for crime committed in the pursuit of wealth. 
The corporation actively subverts representative government through corruption of elected officials.
This ensures that the regulators and the regulations emanate from the corporation itself and regulate little or nothing of significance. 
The corporation exists with the total cooperation of venal men in government.  It has been granted all the rights and few, if any, of the responsibilities of a human being.
Corporations allow men who own and control them to ignore whatever shreds of moral philosophy linger in their beings. 
Free enterprise must be vigorously regulated by the people to protect themselves and the planet from the depredations of those capitalists who are motivated by greed alone.  
The libertarian movement is an adolescent fantasy which benefits selfish people who put their greed ahead of all other considerations. They have convinced the libertarian that the government, which has been corrupted by the corporations and their masters, themselves, is the problem.The whole concept of human freedom has been hijacked by those who proclaim free enterprise as the highest good. Human freedom and free enterprise are, in fact, antagonistic interests.
These wicked people make myrmidons of those myopic children who resent being told what to do or what not to do and have idealized the so-called freedom espoused by the libertarian movement as the highest good. These wealthy, powerful and oftentimes royal people have their wealth mostly because they have inherited it, not because they have provided great value to society. They are privileged from birth.  They are literally entitled.
The vast majority of human beings are not interested in amassing inordinate wealth and power. Those who live for wealth and power can be described as sociopaths. The quest for gold and power is empty at last.The frustration of this quest experienced by those materialists who can imagine nothing better generates havoc in the world for the rest of us.
Activate the Death Star.
These creatures have become adept at characterizing their greed for wealth and power as good. 
"Greed is good."
 They have their shills who perform sleight of hand to deceive.  Some appeal to fools.
Your problems come from Queers, Women, Blacks, Mexicans, Chinks, Commies, Liberals, and Socialists! Corporations? What the Hell are you talking about?
Some appeal to the more intelligent.
"The real tragedy of the poor is the poverty of their aspirations."
Adam Smith
Some appeal to the petty bourgeoisie.
“I think it's going to be one of the biggest middle-class jobs -- collaborators. Collaborators are people who are good at working as part of global knowledge, manufacturing or supply chains.” - Thomas Friedman lets the cat out of the bag but no one notices.

In the absence of government, these wicked greedy people and their corporate entities will not go away nor disappear nor become virtuous.  They will simply no longer have to honor the pretense of abiding by the law.  
Weak government will facilitate the new feudalism. 
The powerful will reign and the majority will serve as in days of old, only this time the technology to keep the people down and hold power and extend the lives of the enemies of humanity will be at their disposal. That technology has emboldened them. They are increasingly proclaiming their intentions to eliminate any considerations for the people. The are no longer afraid of the guillotine.  They should be. 

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