Thursday, December 01, 2016


It looks like he knows exactly what he has.

Today you may see or hear about a funny story involving a man who stole a pot of god off the back of an armored truck. LINK There is video of a nondescript man walking up to a pot filled with about 1.4 million dollars of gold flakes weighing 84 pounds. He seems to easily pick it up and walk away. 

 I immediately suspected an inside job. I bet this guy peeled off his face and drove away with a confederate in a waiting car. . By the way, this caper happened on September 30. I am certain Loomis begged their customer to keep it on the down low and that they would nab this guy quickly. Obviously they did not catch him quickly. They did not catch him at all.. 

Watch Loomis (Loomis AB (LOOM-B.ST) stock today. I suspect it tanks and I also suspect some insiders have already sold before the word got out.

If you check out Loomis' stock chart you may not that it was rising a bit until November 1. Then there was a spike in volume and the stock began to fall. That's when the insiders began to sell. I wonder if the SEC will investigate? Hah Hah Hah!!!

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