Wednesday, July 01, 2009

RIP Sky Saxon (Richard Elvern Marsh) born August 20, 1937, in Salt Lake City, Utah, died June 25, 2009 in Austin, Texas

Of all the high profile celebrity deaths last week, this passing of an obscure garage rocker was most significant to me.
This obituary in the tells the tale. I loved the Seeds when I was of that age when you could love bands with wonderful energy, a quirky lead singer, one fantastic mysterioso hypnotic riff which could come in myriad variations and a minimal technical competence which was totally appropriate.
In this video Bettie Page becomes a beautiful angel, dancing to 'I Can't Seem to Make You Mine' in an enchanting tribute to the man, and what I imagine as a sublime welcome to the afterlife.

Love and Peace to you Sky.

"The educated man tries to repress the inferior man in himself, not realizing that by so doing he forces the latter into revolt."-C.G. Jung

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