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Carefully Searching For Clues: Bogart in The Big Sleep, 1946, director: Howard Hawks, screenplay: William Faulkner, Leigh Brackett

Fun Facts About Major Hasan

Nancy Gibbs has dropped some interesting titbits about Major Hasan in her Time article, "Fort Hood Killer: Terrified or Terrorist?". Let us remember that these are some things the establishment media want us to take away about the man who was the star of this event of November 5, also the date of the Gunpowder Plot in 1605 to blow up Parliament.

1. He told his Imam before the attack that he was going to visit his parents before deploying to Afghanistan without mentioning that his parents had been dead for over a decade.
2. He was some kind of misfit who couldn't find a wife but spent lots of time in the strip club outside the base.
3. He had few friends; he was a loner but he loved his parakeet and chewed food for it before he let the bird eat out of his mouth. He mourned for months after he killed it by rolling over it during a nap and visited the grave of the creature for months.
4. He changed his major in medical school to psychiatry after fainting while watching a baby being born.
5. Why he had a problem finding a wife in America: "He wanted a woman who prayed five times a day and wears a hijab, and maybe the women he met were not complying with those things." the former imam of his mosque Faizul Khan told the New York Times.
6. While serving a Walter Reed Army Medical Center he attempted to convert patients and castigated them for their "unholy" behavior.
7. While in military training he let everyone know he put Shari'a, Muslim Law, ahead of the Constitution.
8. NPR reported that in the spring of 2008 top officials at Walter Reed debated whether Hasan was psychotic. Everyone agreed that no one would want to share a foxhole with Hasan in Afghanistan.

This piece describes the problems the military has dealing with Muslims and probably predicts what changes will be coming as a result of this event. Mainly, implies Time, Muslims in the military have been protected by "political correctness" and (I extrapolate) they can expect much tougher treatment if they display any unusual attachment to their religion or argue the morality of our far flung deployments in Muslim lands. I also predict conscientious objector status will be made much more available to Muslims.

There is a LINK in the Time feature called "Inside the Apartment of Nidal Malik Hasan." It is a collection of photos (presumably taken by the FBI) of Hasan's sparse digs. One photograph is very interesting. LINK It shows a collection of Hasan's prescription drug bottles. One was prescribed at Lackland AFB and contains combivir, an HIV medicine. Perhaps Hasan was taking it as an HIV prophylactic after being exposed to an infected patient. I'm definitely not an expert on that. I can't make out the other drug names on the bottles.

Paging Dr. Jerkoff, Dr. Wanker, Dr. Jerkoff!

You will be hearing a lot about this guy in the next news distraction cycle. Here's the story:

"Hundreds of women have trusted him with their bodies, and their dreams of motherhood. Many depend on him as their doctor today.

But for nearly seven years, none of Dr. Ben D. Ramaley's patients have known that the prominent obstetrician/gynecologist had been accused of an almost unimaginable act — substituting his own sperm for that of a patient's husband during an artificial insemination procedure.

The allegation was made against the veteran Greenwich, Conn., doctor in a 2005 medical malpractice lawsuit – which was quickly settled, then sealed, the very court documents shredded. The suit was filed by a couple when a DNA test revealed that the husband was not the biological father of their twin girls, born after an insemination procedure performed by Ramaley."-Debra Friedman, Hearst News Service "Wrong man's sperm produces twins-and a shocking accusation" the rest: (LINK)

It's a little convoluted but this guy's game began to fall apart when he substituted his own jizz for a patient's husband's apparently thinking the woman wouldn't notice the fact that her kids showed no resemblance to Daddy or maybe the good doctor just didn't know his patient's husband was black. There could be a lot of half brothers and sisters in Greenwich, Connecticut who might want DNA tests to avoid incestual relationships in the coming years.

"Who doesn't desire his father's death?"- Feodor Doestoevski, The Brothers Karamazov

The Dude stumbling over clues in a world that makes no sense. The Big Lebowski 1998 director: Joel Coen, screenplay: Ethan Coen


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