Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Traditional Depiction of Mithras Slaying the Bull at the End of the Age of Taurus, A Tauroctony
scanned from Bullfinch Age of Fable, or, Beauties of Mythology, Revised by Rev. Loughran Scott, David McKay, Publisher, 1898

"The most famous sculpturings and reliefs of this prototokos show Mithras kneeling upon the recumbent form of a great bull, into whose throat he is driving a sword. The slaying of the bull signifies that the rays of the sun, symbolized by the sword, release at the vernal equinox the vital essences of the earth--the blood of the bull-- which, pouring from the wound made by the Sun God, fertilize the seeds of living things. Dogs were held sacred to the cult of Mithras, being symbolic of sincerity and trustworthiness. The Mithraics used the serpent as an emblem of Ahriman, the Spirit of Evil, and water rats were held sacred to him. The bull is esoterically the Constellation of Taurus; the serpent, its opposite in the zodiac, Scorpio; the sun, Mithras, entering into the side of the bull, slays the celestial creature and nourishes the universe with its blood."-Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings Of All Ages

You can hear the latest discussion between myself and Vyzygoth at Think Or Be Eaten Radio HERE. Direct link to mp3 file HERE.
We get into current events and I go on a long rant about bimetallism. I apologize for any mistakes I may have made (the ones I recall were minor; I said I was an officer in the Navy for five years at the beginning of the discussion; I was enlisted for about six months and commissioned for four years; I said we were briefed by the CO of the Marine Barracks in Beirut before the terrorist bombing; we were briefed by a Marine Intelligence Officer) and sounding a little lethargic and weak in the pipes. I had some kind of a nasty intestinal virus for about a week and a half that first emptied me out and then bound me up for five days. Yesterday was the first day I was feeling half human in almost a week. But it is a good discussion. We cover much.

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