Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Broad Protests Across Egypt Focus Fury on Mubarak - NYTimes.com

It is about time. The Arab world has suffered under the boot-heels of their leaders and privileged class for far too long.


"This is the biggest protest I've seen in this era. I'm not part of any group or party. We've all just had enough."-Zeinab Khalifa, artist 

"We came here for a reason: to tell Mubarak that we don't want his corrupt regime. I came with three of my friends because we're all educated — we're all protesting for our jobs, for our rights; to get married; and for the future of Egypt." -Ahmed Mossad, 22, a translator

“We can confirm that Twitter was blocked in Egypt around 8 a.m. PT today. It is impacting both Twitter.com @applications.”- Tweet from Twitter

“The government is illegitimate, the president is illegitimate.” -crowd chanting in Cairo

“The young people decided. They haven’t seen a government listening. They got quite excited by the Tunisian change of power, or revolution, if you’d prefer to call it that.”-Mohamed ElBaradei, the former head of the United Nations nuclear agency

"I am here because of the poverty and because of the corruption. Nothing in Egypt is going as it should. This is the first chance the people have got to express how messed-up the country is. We want four things. We want the Minister of the Interior to be fired. We want people who have graduated to get jobs. We want the President to limit the time he is in power and we want an end to the emergency law."-Bashar Abdelmenem, a 22-year-old medical student

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