Thursday, January 27, 2011

Police in Cairo on Wednesday January 26 prepare to keep Order.
Reports of ‘massacre’ in Suez as protests in Egypt move into third day | Raw Story

Regardless of the reassuring statements of experts and authorities and politicians around the world about the stability of Egypt, things there remain volatile. Change can happen quickly in any country. Egypt is a country of breathtaking poverty and concentrated wealth. This is a situation the human spirit will not tolerate for long.

Inspired by Tunisia and Egypt, Yemenis join in anti-government protests The Washington Post

Yemen is a country on the Arabian peninsula that has no oil. The people are poor and suffer under President Ali Abdullah Saleh who has held office for thirty years in this nominal democracy. President Saleh has enjoyed the support of the United States. This support has translated into little benefit for the people.

“True wisdom is less presuming than folly. The wise man doubteth often, and changeth his mind; the fool is obstinate, and doubteth not; he knoweth all things but his own ignorance.”-Akhenaton

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