Saturday, June 23, 2012

Peony planted 2009, growing by the pond, perhaps Krinkled White, P. lactiflora cultivar, introduced by A. M. Brand, 1928, John Bonanno photograph, June 12, 2012

Darwin's notion of Fitness in human societies is a murky thing.
Nature is barely involved. 
Some humans make rules and the rules favor those who make them.
Humans are the only known animals who adapt to Nature's Environment using Culture.
So humans are forced to adapt to an amorphous somewhat invisible Culture rather than a more consistent  Nature.
Human Fitness is measured by one's ability to read and use other humans in the Cultural context.
Darwin told us a story of life's physical adaptation to Nature.
For humans, this has been a misdirection all along.
We are forced to adapt to Culture.
Nature has been damned by Man who is blinded by the Cultural Artifice.


David Raymond Davis said...

Good to see you back on the Vault of Mystery, John! The people need all the cultural warriors we have.

John said...

Thanks, David. Lately I've been painting more and writing less.