Monday, June 25, 2012

This and That

Salafi Muslims are warning us that tomatoes can turn you Christian.
I hope that isn't true.
Their "reasoning" is that when tomatoes are sliced a certain way they reveal a cross.
I suspect if Muslim homes are dismantled a certain way, wooden studs and beams that form crosses would also be revealed. 
I love tomatoes and have over 60 plants of various varieties in my garden.
I am not concerned that they will convert me to any particular religion.
Muslims must be weak in their faith if a wonderful and healthy component of the diet can force them to stray.
Since the delicious fruits originate in  Peru I suspect tomatoes are more likely to turn one into a follower of Viracocha instead of Christ.

Perez Hilton noted that several Maine communities are preparing and training for a zombie apocalypse. Perez noted that it is better to be safe than sorry.
It looks like Perez was going for tongue in cheek funny.
I, for one, am hoping that Maine becomes the zombie fighting and training center of the world. ... unless I become a zombie.

Paraguay has impeached their president for little more than being a Leftist. Is that a surprise in a nation that welcomed so many Nazis who arrived via the Roman Catholic ratlines after World War II?
Is it a coincidence that the Bush Family possesses 100,000 acres of land in Paraguay?

The Lone Star Tick is working its way up the East Coast. It is reported that a bite of this tick can cause one to develop an allergic reaction on eating meat. God protect me.

Glen Beck has declared war on Glee, the television program. 
Why is the right so fascinated by this show? I watched it once and it was singin' and dancin' kind of like an old Judy Garland & Mickey Rooney movie. It's not exactly to my taste but I can see why so many like this kind upbeat and optimistic entertainment in a gloomy hopeless world. 
But Glen can't stop watching and it makes him want to go to war. Why? 
Because it is a "horror show."  
Maybe it gives him a little gay tingle. 
All this stimulates me to ask: why do so many of these right wing pundits love to make war, yet when they had the chance to kill for their countries, declined to bring their talents to the Defense Department?

Artist at Scituate Light, June 24, 2012, John Bonanno Photograph

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