Friday, June 14, 2013

Second Amendment Cultists

The Second Amendment Cultists totally misunderstand the second amendment. 

 It does not exist so that they can chest thump about overthrowing the government. 

It exists so that militias can  protect the government. 

Tea Party types love the second amendment thinking that it exists in order that they protect themselves from the depredations of federal tax collectors. 

The truth is, tax protestors have been ruthlessly suppressed from the founding days of the Republic.  

Beloved Father of Our Country George Washington sent  "well regulated" militias under the command of Alexander Hamilton himself into Pennsylvania to  break up our nation's first tax protests, the Whiskey Rebellion, in 1791.

The distillers of whiskey did not want to pay  Hamilton's excise tax on their product. This tax was instituted to help pay off the debt owed by several deadbeat states  (Guess what part of the country? I am whistling Dixie now.)  for the costs associated with the American Revolution.  The ancestors of many of today's tax protestors right from the beginning begrudged the price of our "freedom." 

The tax rebels' firearms of that day were of little avail against Washington's well regulated militias.  Today, the puny, crude rifles and handguns so beloved by the gun cultists are also of little consequence against  the esoteric and overpowering weapons that can be brought to bear against any new revolution.

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