Sunday, July 28, 2013


Please put whatever words which may amuse you into my mouth, like, "Obama has entertained bigfoot at the White House." or, "Nazis on the moon are cooperating with the most dangerous and aggressive aliens in the galaxy."

 There has been a cottage industry of Snowden UFO disclosure stories in the past month or so.  People get excited and post these links on Facebook and only succeed in helping out the pathetic fools writing these fairy tales to get what they want. When I see these stories I hear the writers screaming in my mind:  "Click on my damn website you gullible idiots!"  It seems to me that this hysteria only makes the "UFOs are Real" cause (with which I sympathize) appear foolish.

Some of these people posting such stories may mean well but most are just cynical creeps out to get attention for their pet theories or just to get the hits to make a little more money.

They know that if their tale of UFO bases at the poles was just them asserting it, not many would care.

Here are some of these stories:

Above Top Secret is full of Snowden UFO posts with links to sites that do not include many reputable news sources. Check it out HERE.

Here are a few more of these links with comments by myself.

Edward Snowden Reveals UFO Secrets?   
 This is an unsigned story that attributes its source as something called The Internet Chronicle. At least they ended the header with a question mark. I checked out The Internet Chronicle and it looks like a bunch of fake stories similar to The Onion,  America's Finest News Source. 

Here is another one from an Italian UFO site. "We are like ants to them." 
"Breaking news! Edward Snowden revealed evidence of UFOs. In the Earth's mantle civilization lives compared to where we are like ants. - July 7, 2013"

Before It's News tantalizes us with this header from another unattributed story:
"Is Secret UFO Message Hidden In NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden’s Recent Interview Warning Of False Flag Alien Invasion?" 
Again, they had the savvy to turn their headline into a question. The secret message of what they term "unconscious disclosure" was found by using "reverse speech" analysis of Snowden's interview which can be heard here, at the Guardian UK. 
It seems at some point in the interview Mr. Snowden says something that resembles "those ufos" when his words are played backwards.
BIN tells us, "Reports of involuntary secret messages encrypted backwards within human speech have been substantiated by real-world events..." Reverse speech is an interesting and amusing phenomena, but it hardly reaches the level of evidence. The article doesn't even seem to give us a recording of the reversal so we may judge for ourselves.

Here is another unsigned article from "Latest UFO Sightings" which is nothing but a mass of assertions gleaned from other unreliable sources. 

Well, that's enough for now.  Have a great strange day.


Anonymous said...

A good article. Conspiracy theorists will jump at any chance to make themselves look good. A shame, really.

Anonymous said...

I pity really sceptically minded people. The only reality they know is the one they have made for themselves. Everything else is ignored.

John said...

Good day to you Mr. Anonymous. It is evident you have misunderstood the point of my post. So here it is in plain English: Mr. Snowden had nothing to do with these articles. Mr. Snowden has released no significant information about UFOs or any other paranormal topic in his release of classified information. People who have websites that rely on clicks to get money have made up stories out of whole cloth with Mr. Snowden's name prominently displayed as if he had released real evidence about these matters. This reality has nothing to do with what you perceive as my skepticism. In fact, in the end, the cynical who release such false articles can only increase knee jerk skepticism among those who are sucked in by these lies. For your information, I have seen a flying saucer up close, very close, and I know they exist. And I didn't need any prompting from a Snowden fantasy story to come to this knowledge.